Are you letting your light shine, no matter what?

I hope your week is starting out well!

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"She's shining and glowing, she is me!"

No matter what we are going through, we can continue to let our light shine bright, knowing that God's got us, every step of the way. I often think about the writing "Footprints."

A story about two sets of footprints that appeared in the sand, (a person walking with God) but during the toughest times of the person's life, only one set of footprints appeared. Of course, the person perceived that God left them during their darkest hours, but that just wasn't the case, instead God was actually carrying them. Wow, what a powerful story!

Know that God is always with us! He will never leave, forsake or abandon us. We can be confident of that fact. Therefore, in the midst of it all, continue letting your light shine, so we can impact the world in a powerful way. 

Fyi - The author of Footprints is unknown, but I truly believe the author is God, to assure us that He is alway there!

What do you think? 

Have a productive and joyous week!

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