About Us

Truejoy Unlimited LLC is an apparel e-commerce brand that aims to inspire and empower women and girls to gain and maintain joy, live our best life and aspire to be the best version of ourselves. We create beautiful and colorful designs with you in mind, that will surely stand out in a crowd. We want the women and girls that wear our apparel to feel confident, bold, and beautiful! We as women will no longer allow anyone or anything, including ourselves, to hold us back from experiencing true joy, using our gifts and talents to benefit ourselves and others, and fulfilling our God given purpose.

Truejoy Unlimited LLC is owned by Theresa Bell, who lives in Michigan. She is a wife and First Lady of her husband Pastor Randy Bell of 30 years, and a spiritual mother to many. Theresa has worked in the insurance industry for 30+ years, primarily in leadership roles, but currently as a Sr. Training Consultant. She is a veteran after serving our country in the Army National Guard. Theresa is also graduating in May of 2024 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Small Business Administration from Northern Arizona University.

Theresa has always been passionate about inspiring, mentoring, and empowering women and girls, which was mostly accomplished during annual women's empowerment and domestic violence awareness conferences that she hosted, as well as being the head of the Women's Ministry at her local church.